Described by participants as, “completely transformational,” The Quest is an improvisational structure developed by the legendary improv thought leader Del Close during a series of workshops he conducted in New York City. Initially created  to be a twenty-four hour, solo improv-exercise. The Quest has been modified and adapted since its initial introduction (you can read more about the history of the Quest here). Today, the Quest leads participants on a journey where they experience:

  • taking the improvisational mindset, normally reserved for the stage, out into the everyday world,
  • applying that mindset of presence as they embark on their Quest,  
  • exploring what happens as a result of that approach and
  • reflecting on what what was discovered during the experience and
  • sharing those insights through storytelling.

The Quest takes place in three parts:

  • the workshop in which participants are introduced to the Quest and the skills needed to carry it out,
  • The Quest itself, during which participants leave the workshop space and go out into the world, embark on their Quest and then
  • the final part—gathering together and exchanging experiences through casual conversation and storytelling.

The Quest was initially intended to be a 24-hour activity, however, a Quest can take place over just a few hours, twenty-four hours, or even longer (it should be noted that participants don’t need to stay up during the entire period). The Quest can take place in one day or two separate workshop sessions with the Quest in-between.

To embark on a Quest, one need not be an experienced improviser or even have any improv or storytelling experience at all, the only thing needed to embark on a Quest is the willingness to be open to new discoveries, to say yes.