Welcome to The Quest:
Improv for Transformation

Created in the 20th century and reimagined for this one, The Quest is an experiential exercise that combines improvisation, storytelling, and exploration. It is a powerful tool to reconnect to the world, be present, pay attention, and see what insights are discovered in the process.


The benefits of improvisation and how to cultivate an improvisational mindset in a safe, comfortable, non-performative, workshop setting.


On an insight-filled adventure. What happens when you take the ‘improvisational mindset’ normally reserved for the workshop or the stage out into the world? What will you discover? Where will your day take you?


We frame our experience in terms of stories. Those stories, in turn, shape our experience. At the conclusion of the Quest, the sharing of stories helps to clarify the experience, capture insights and learn from others.

The Quest for Individuals

Interested in embarking on a Quest on your own and not as part of a larger group or workshop? Our hosts are here to help connect you to a Quest experience.

The Quest for Organizations

Whether your organization is a group of three or three hundred, and in need of team building, targeted training, or experiential learning, we offer custom Quests to suit your needs.

The Quest for Exploration

Ready for a one-of-a-kind exploration experience? We are happy to create a custom-designed, location-based Quest experience so that you, your team or your organization can experience the cityscape in a completely new way.

The Quest for Facilitators

Curious to find out how you can use the Quest in your facilitation work?

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Discover the Gift of Attention