Created in the last century and reintroduced in this one, The Quest is being re-imagined by a creative team of “attention experts” headed by Jeanne Lambin. We take individuals, groups, teams, and organizations in search of insights, discoveries, stories, and adventures. We share a passion for sharing the gift of insight and attention.


Why does the Quest work as an exercise, what is some of the science behind it, and how can that research be used to further develop it?


Although the building blocks of The Quest remain the same, each Quest is a finely-crafted experience, intended to create a unique experience for the particpants.


The beauty of the Quest is that it is an incredibly simple and flexible exercise. We are looking at how The Quest can be adapted for various applications, from creating better visions for the future to guiding urban planning efforts. If you have idea about how the Quest might be adapted for your own needs or project, contact us.